The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. 

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Favourite People: Paul Rudd
↳ "I feel horrible. No, really, I feel… ugh. I just realised all I’ve had today, I just ate like a bunch of croissants. I feel weak in the legs. It’s true. I mean, there’s no point to this story, I’m just realising I just had like, four… I just had a bunch of croissants… and now I just feel terrible."

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that boy’s a monster


that boy’s a monster

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Vincent Como

From Paradise Lost

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FDTD MEME [2/4] characters

In here, I’m the queen. 

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*hears noises at night*: well this is it this is the end for me I had a good life
*gets shampoo in my eyes*: I guess I'm blind now how am I ever going to see my first born child
*heart is beating fast*: I think I am having a heart attack is this what cardiac arrest is
*a cop walks by*: here I go about to get arrested I probably murdered someone
*taking a test*: don't take your eyes off of this paper you will get caught cheating and get kicked out of school and amount to nothing
*gets a sunburn*: great now I have skin cancer how will I tell my parents
*tripping over something*: I guess my leg will have to be amputated why did this happen to me
*period is late*: shit i'm pregnant i'm the next virgin mary
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They never realized they were puppets made to dance and love and suffer.  Just like me.” 

-Wade Wilson

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i think about this a lot




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